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<>Information about cookies <>What are cookies?

The EU Directive 2009/136 / EC (e-Privacy) regulates the use of cookies. This site uses cookies.

A "cookie" is a small text file on your computer (or other electronic device, eg a mobile phone). It is stored by websites that you visit.
Cookies are very common in the Internet and are used on many websites.

Cookies are used for various reasons such as:

- to improve the usability of websites
- to use analysis of the site (statistics)
- to offer a target group-oriented advertising
- more efficient navigation
- for storing user preferences

By using this website you consent to the storage of cookies, including those of third-party agreement.

<>This website collects the following cookies:

Cookie name: cookies_akzeptiert
Content: 1
Life: 3 days
Purpose: we use the cookie so that the cookie note will disappear as soon as it was once accepted.

Cookie name: check
Content: page over which you have found us
Life: 1 hour
Purpose: we use this cookie to determine how visitors have found us.

<>Third Party Cookies

The following online services store cookies as part of their service to us:

Google Maps Google Maps uses cookies.
We have no influence on cookies stored by Google Maps.
For more information about these cookies please visit the website of the provider: YouTube uses cookies to share content on YouTube.
In addition, YouTube uses cookies to collect information about how the content was shared.
More information about YouTube and the use of cookies:
Information about the use of cookies by YouTube

Other third party cookies If you find on our sites content of the following and other online service providers, so cookies may be stored on your PC / Tablet / Smartphone:
Google Analytics, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, HolidayCheck, Weather Province of Bolzano, Red Rooster - Farm holidays,
We have no influence on cookies stored by these online service providers.
For more information about these cookies please visit the website of the respective provider.

<>Block or delete cookies:

You may refuse the use of cookies and delete individual or all cookies already stored.
Please note that you may not be able to use all functions of this website in full in this case.
The deletion or disabling of cookies works differently depending on the Internet browser.

Here you will find instructions for the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: Delete cookies
Google Chrome: Delete cookies
Safari (Mac): Delete cookies
Internet Explorer: Delete cookies
Opera: Delete cookies
iOS: Delete cookies

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